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Axonal transport and the cytoskeleton of nerve cells

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We are cell biologists in the Department of Neuroscience at Ohio State University. We study the cytoskeleton of nerve cells and the mechanism of axonal transport.

Our main focus is the biology neurofilaments in health and disease. We use a broad range of cellular and molecular techniques to study the transport and assembly dynamics of neurofilaments in nerve cells.

Our core expertise is in light and electron microscopy, live-cell fluorescence imaging, protein biochemistry and nerve cell culture.



A critical reevaluation of the stationary axonal cytoskeleton hypothesis

Computational modeling reveals no evidence for the deposition of axonal neurofilaments into a long-lived stationary network
(Li, Jung & Brown, 2012; Brown & Jung, 2013). Read more news

Severing and annealing of neurofilaments in neurons

Live-cell imaging studies reveal evidence for dynamic regulation of neurofilament length in neurons by severing and end-to-end annealing mechanisms (Uchida et al, 2013). Read more news